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"Spider Ecology" is abbreviated as ESPI, decentralized blockchain underlying technology, equation decoding intelligent accounting, derivation of ESPI smart contract digital asset commercial community application through deciphering, community consensus, and energy splitting, and finally evolved digital asset benefits. ESPI is truly decentralized digital finance. ESPI Spider Ecology is dedicated to the construction of the underlying infrastructure of digital currency finance, promoting the decentralization of Internet finance, using spider exchanges (decentralized exchanges), spider trading treasures (quantitative documentary trading platform), spider wallets, Spider Haitao, these four ecological constructions are the core development direction.

ESPI background

This deciphers the decompiled code that is not traditionally understood. ESPI obtains the initial access rights by deciphering the complex equation combination code, and uses the developer's authority to set up a series of decentralized blockchain terminals such as transfer payment port, asset anonymous exchange, and digital asset wallet. application.

ESPI launch

The blockchain financial market is mixed, and many decentralized and evolved various end-use applications, but the essence is only a guise of digital currency finance. The simple digital currency issuance, which has been polished by the market, has become crude.The original intention of ESPI is to write a new form of exchange into smart contracts, let the code execute and supervise, let all community participants jointly control, present a truly decentralized project, put the concept into practice, and make the data transparent. The management is publicized and the books are open.